December 5th, 2003

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01:08 pm - ok, I should definitely find a job now...

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ok, I should definitely find a job now... - graffiti.maverick — LiveJournal

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[User Picture]From: chrismaverick Date: December 7th, 2003 - 07:13 am (Link)
hmmm... I didn't see that nights episode. I'm told it was a rerun. But I don't know which one. Do you remember any of the matches?
[User Picture]From: viscous Date: December 7th, 2003 - 09:04 am (Link)
Hmm... the start of the show that I saw had the Franchise talking a bunch to the Bulldog, and they started wrestling even though it wasn't a scheduled match. One buddy came out for each of these guys, but I don't remember the names. Later in the program there was a championship match where I think James Keenan won the title from the then-champ whose name I cannot recall. Man, I am bad with the names.

I keep forgetting to tune in on Saturday nights when the new programs are supposed to be on.
[User Picture]From: chrismaverick Date: December 7th, 2003 - 09:38 am (Link)
ah... yeah, that would be Franchise vs. Bubba the Bulldog. And technically, I was pulling back the brunette guy (Jimmy Vega$) not the blonde guy (Mike Preston). Other security guards had the blonde guy.

Sterling James Keenan beat Dennis Gregory for the title that night.
[User Picture]From: chrismaverick Date: December 7th, 2003 - 09:40 am (Link)
oh... also, the show is usually on Saturdays, but was moved to Friday last week and this week because of NBA basketball. It just happened to be a rerun this week, that had nothing to do with it being on Friday.

You should come to some of the live shows...
[User Picture]From: viscous Date: December 8th, 2003 - 07:27 am (Link)
Yeah, I really should come to one of the live shows.
[User Picture]From: chrismaverick Date: December 8th, 2003 - 06:44 pm (Link)
well there is a really huge show with lots of big names this weekend, but its in johnstown. Next weekend, there is a show in aliquippa.

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