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God, its hot outside today. Plus its raining so that makes it really humid and nasty.

Finally went to Whitfield Hall and put in job applications today. Put in 18, mostly for systems type jobs. We'll see if anyone bites. It would be kinda nice to go back to CMU and take classes again.

Also stopped on campus and had lunch at Sree's with anisodragnfly. And thanx Jenn for buying me lunch. Mr. Sree still remembers me (as always) and he asked about Anu.

Stopped in the English Dept. to see if any of my old profs were around, but they weren't.... I guess that's how summer is.

beststephi seemed to like the new birthday presents I got her, which included 2 pairs of jeans that make her look even sexier than max1975. Taking her to dinner tonight for the final part of her birthday celebration.

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