August 13th, 2002

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04:34 am - Yawn...
Being a bum can be exhausting. I was never this tired when I actually had a job.

Like I said earlier, I put in resumes for CMU today. 18 of them. Here's hoping someone calls back.

I also had lunch with anisodragnfly and talked to my insurance agents about my car. Also, my chiropractor called again to remind me I have an appointment on Wednesday. Frankly, I'm tired of going there. If they don't mark me as cleared this time, I think I'll quit.

The rest of the day I spent either celebrating beststephi's birthday (by taking her to dinner at Chi-Chi's, where the staff sung to her while she wore the embarrassing hat, and by singing karaoke with her, Logan, Anu, Dana, max1975 and anisodragnfly), or taking care of Otto, who has gotten sick. The vet says that we have to force him to eat special cat food for the next couple of days. He lost like 4 pounds in a month. Which is just scary for a cat. He's in better shape than other cats would be because he was so fat to start with, but still, its kind of scary. He's all mopey and saggy and his skin just looks flabby. :-( Hopefully he'll be better soon.

Other than that I didn't do much, but I still feel very very tired. Yeah, I know its 4:30 in the morning, but I'm up this late all the time. Maybe it was the storm we had today, or maybe I'm just getting lazy in my bumness... *sigh*

Current Mood: [mood icon] sleepy
Current Music: This Is The Time To Remember by Billy Joel

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