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mental conditioning...

Played tennis yet again with max1975, beststephi and wooble. Doing a bit better now, and in fact, max1975 and I won the first set 7-6. Completely fell apart the second set and lost 1-6. Third set we lost 4-6. I wanted to finish up the last two sets, but our mentally weak opponents felt that it was getting too dark.

Really don't know what happened that second set. Just didn't perform. For one thing, it seems Geoff has gotten much better at one particular shot. If the ball is coming at him slow enough he can pound it down on our side of the net and bounce it way over our heads and into the fence, winning the point. I started working on that myself, but my aim isn't as good and I hit the net a lot.

all in all it was pretty fun. We were talking about finishing the match tomorrow, but I don't know if I can. I have to go to the chiropractor yet again. Hopefully they'll be done with me now. If not, I think I may just tell them I'm done.

Got the title to the truck back from my Dad today. I guess I'll try to get it transferred again tomorrow.

No calls about jobs again today. *sigh*

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