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to bum or not to bum...

so I need suggestions from people (and I need them real soon now)

so I've had this job offer. Only its part time. With the projected hours (20) and salary, I'll barely being doing better than I do right now on unemployment. Actually, probably worse because of taxes. Of course, if they need me for more than 20 hours some week, I'll be golden. But if they needed me for less I wouldn't have the money to do things that i enjoy... like eating... and they can't guarantee me anything. Worse, they want a 3 month commitment from me, and the contract says if I want to leave early I owe them 4 weeks notice. Which will pretty much makes it really hard for me to find something else that's 40 hours. I could find some other 20 hour a week contract, but its hard enough finding one that's 40 hours a week, and its hard to coordinate that, since its also possible that they'd want me for 40 hours some time. Also, there are no benefits (well, they will sale me health insurance if I want, but I won't be able to afford it anymore than I can now)

on the other hand, I don't have enough unemployment to last me all the way through to the end of my UC benefits year (coincidentally, my bday, Aug 1). I need to work 3 months at some point (or 3 weeks, if I can get an extension), and no one is beating down my door with contract offers this month. But then its just after the holidays and beginning of the year, so things could get better. But really, I just want to start working again, because not doing so is boring and annoying, and hey the extra cash is nice. But I guess the thing is, a) this really won't be extra cash, b) getting in the way of other possible jobs.

And I really need to answer them today... *bleah* Any advice/suggestions are welcome

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