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Hard Knock Life

Finally! The truck is registered in my name. Again that was a lot of pain. I want a job at the DMV. I think its very low stress. It seems like it would be stressful what with everyone hating you and all... but really, those people seem very laid back. Don't feel like dealing with anyone? No problem, just take a break and let the line build up.

Used the same title Id tried to use before, but added a couple of zeroes. They accepted it now. But I couldn't get a rubbing of the VIN number. Now this is a stupid law. A pencil rubbing of the VIN number. Not a photo. As though pencil rubbings were somehow harder to fake than photographs. So instead I had to take my car to a licensed mechanic so that he could fill out a form verifying my VIN number. I can't do this myself, mind you. And the DMV won't do it. You have to go pay somebody $5 to look at your VIN number and say "Yup" and sign a form. It took me 10 minutes to drive to the closest mechanic and 2 minitutes for him to fill out the form including me paying him $5.35 (including tax) then I had to go back to the DMV and wait in line again. Then when I finally sat down the guy got a phonecall from his daughter and talked to her for 10 minutes... sigh...

on a good note, on the way home they played the Dr. Evil mix of Hard Knock Life on the radio.

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