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Today in bum land...

jetgrrl01 posted this link which I thought was cool.

Yesterday I went to the chiropractor again. They still want me to come back one more time in 4 weeks. Sigh.... I feel fine, and they say that they will release me after this next appointment. So I guess I will go one more time. At this point, I care more about staying in good with the headhunter who is the son of one of the nurses.

Did DDR in workout mode with beststephi for the first time in ages last night. Discovered that workout mode Level 2 is just the standard game only it counts calories instead of points, so that's cool.

Otto is getting better. I've been leaving the the special extra healthy cat food that the vet prescribed for him out on a plate and he's eating it all by himself. In fact, he's having some now.

Still haven't heard back from any of the job I applied for. Applied for one working on Xbox stuff at Microsoft today. God, someone please call me back soon. I am so bored.

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