Mav (chrismaverick) wrote,

on hostility revisited...

Last night, while watching the Superbowl, and in specific Justin Timberlake undressing Janet Jackson on stage, I mentioned a 1000 words of free flowing hostility that I wrote about Justin a few months ago. stuntviolist and arilinn seemed interested. So for their benefit, as well as anyone else who might feel like reading it, here is my justification on why I believe Justin Timberlake is the the prototypical pop star and destined to become the next Elvis. So if you haven't read it before and you're interested in wacky pointless discussions of pop culture relevence, please do so and bask in genius (or mock my ignorance... whichever). And if you have read it before, well, you're welcome to revisit it and view it with eyes 4 months more mature than they were the last time you read it. After all, its only 1000 words long.

Maybe ludimagist is right and I should write a book...
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