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on meaning added through profanity...

you know, I was just listening to the song Fuck It by Eamon. The thing with the song is I had only recently heard the Explicit non-radio version. It's weird. Half of the meaning of the song is lost in the clean version. Not only is the verb fuck removed, but so are the nouns shit, ho, bitch and head. Without them, half of the song is just lost. And even if you do get the meaning behind the song based on the rest of the lyrics, it really does lack the emotional punch behind the song without the curses. He has a great voice, but without the swearing its just a nice sounding pop song. With the swearing its intensely bitter heartfelt poetry. The man could be the next Lenny Williams. Maybe its not just the ability show boobs on the air. Maybe all of the FCC regulations on broadcasting appropriateness need to be reexamined. Perhaps I will be inspired to write 1000 words of free flowing hostility soon.

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