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got tons of stuff done today -- yay!!

Mailed my Dad his plates back from the truck.

Went and did a little grocery shopping.

Applied for a job being sysadmin of Telerama. Kind of interesting, they didn't ask for my resume yet. In fact, I don't think I've even given them my real name. just been signing everything as "Mav." They don't want my resume. Instead they have me doing "tasks" that are sysadminish on one of their servers. In less than 24 hours, I have already done the first 3, and they just sent me the 4th one that I think I'll work on at some point tonight... if I have time....

I have a rafting trip set for tomorrow. A small trip this time, I'm taking: beststephi, nowishere, James, Curt, Mathilde, Jennie and Josh. That will probably take most of my day tomorrow, but it should be really fun. I also have to go pick of Jennie and Josh tonight so they can stay at my house since they don't know how to get here, and I won't have time to pick them up in the morning.

Bought Madden 2003 yesterday.... pretty cool... sigh... I can't wait for football season to really start.

Still have to mail in the old title for the Z24. Need to find a notary.

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