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Meme of 1000 Mavericks...

so a week or so ago, ere_i_am_jh pointed to an article that was effectively 1000 words of free flowing hostility, though I don't delude myself into thinking that they were intentionally ripping me off. Then a couple nights ago, mickeysacks took it upon herself to write 500 words of free flowing hostility. So suddenly everyone in the world is stealing my gimmick. Ok... ok... two people are stealing my gimmick.

But the thing is, I'm curious about how other people would do it. So here you go. I challenge anyone who's reading this to write their own 1000 words of free flowing hostility. The rules are simple. You can write about whatever you want to. Something bugging you? Something you have to say? Something that you think is controversial or cool? Something that just makes you say "what the fuck?" Whatever you have a stick up your ass about. But its got to be exactly 1000 words. You don't have to curse as much as I do, and in fact, you should try to not overdo it, but remember it is 1000 words of free flowing HOSTILITY. So keep that in mind. Anyway, post it in your journal maybe with a little explanation of what you're doing and maybe a link to this post (so people who don't know me understand the concept). Oh, intro paragraphs don't count towards the 1000 words. Then come back here and give me a link in a comment so I don't have to go looking for them all over creation. Yes, of course people I don't know are welcomed to play to. I will do my best to comment intelligently on every post that is brought to my attention.

Ok, go...

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