Mav (chrismaverick) wrote,

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hooray! its rafting day...

getting ready to head out to ohiopyle for a fun filled day of rafting... beststephi lives here and Jennie and Josh spent the night here last night, so we're all already ready. Waiting for Mathilde, Curt, nowishere and James now. River level is only at 1'8 since its been so dry this season, but it should still be fun. Provided it doesn't storm, which I am only a tad worried about.

On the telerama front: I am on the 4th task. Not sure exactly how many there are, but I'm stuck because the file system on the development machine they do the testing on is full, so i can't even log on. Hopefully they'll fix this soon, I sent them mail. Ah well, I couldn't work on it while I was rafting anyway. Maybe I'll be able to play with it tomorrow.

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