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on movies I'm going to have to see and things that I hoped I never would...

first on the fake world:

I just watched the trailer for Jersey Girl, and I gotta say I'm really looking forward to it. I was a big fan of Chasing Amy, and was very much looking forward to seeing what Smith would do when Affleck challenged him to "make another movie like that." The trailer looks adorable. I have to admit I was worried when the decided to cast Affleck with J-Lo. Visions of "Jiggly 2" just kept running through my head. Turns out I wasn't the only one worried. Since Gigli did so bad, Smith has editted J-Lo down to only appearing in the first 15 min of the film, and more or less stripped her from all of the advertising. I'm hoping that doesn't come across as awkward, because the rest of the story just seem kind of cute and touching and fun. Feel good movie of the whatever... I may even shed a tear...

yeah yeah yeah... that's what I said... I'm not always hostile. Fuck you!

and now the real world:

Clear Channel has dropped Howard Stern from all of its stations nationwide effective immediately. They have done so in direct response to him complaining about the stances the FCC has taken in regard to broadcast standards after the Janet Jackson Superbowl thing. I'm kind of tired and have to work in the morning, so I don't have it in me to do a full blown 1KWFFH rant right now, but let me just touch on this for now. Technically, I agree with Clear Channel. They have the right to adhere to their own personal standards on the stations that they own. Stern did go so far as to directly challenge on the air said standards, and dare them to pull him from the air. That has now happened. However, this problematic in that Clear Channel is all but a monopoly in that industry... that should be looked into. Technically, the FCC is supposed to keep that from happening. It seems to not care. Moreover, this entire mess is entirely caused by rulings made by the FCC, without which Clear Channel would not have instituted a zero tolerance policy in the first place (they fired Bubba the Love Sponge earlier in the week). Rulings which are now having a direct effect on issues of free speech, media and press. Like Stern and Bubba or hate them, the simple fact is that they are the media, and they are now being censored. Bah... I'm starting to get all ranty now, which I didn't want to do... I'm tired and I'm going to bed... but mark my words... this is going to end very very badly...

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