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Mavrosexual eye for the geek guy...

(yes, I am absolutely serious about this)

Ok, so here's the deal. For those who haven't been following in papertygre's journal, let me synopsize the relevant background. I have this very cute, very sweet, very smart friend name Ratha (well more-or-less smart except for the small fact that she eats bugs). Through a series of interesting and not-so-interesting misadventures she came to recently be dating a guy named Kenn (that's kenoubi).

Many of Ratha's friends expressed some amount of displeasure at this due to a great number of reasons. Some calling into questions Kenn's personality, some his moral fiber, some his intentions, some his psyche and some the fact that... well, he's funny looking. Now most of these eventually boil down to opinion. Either someone is going to think Kenn is cool or they're going to think he's lame or they're going to think he's nice or they're going to think he's annoying or they're going to think he's an asshole. But Kenn's personality (good or bad) really doesn't matter all that much to me, because, well... frankly, I don't have to date him. That's Ratha's business. What does matter to an extent is whether or not he's funny looking.

Well frankly, he is funny looking. And being that myself and others are Ratha's friends, and being that he intends to hang around us because she does, that basically means we are going to be forced to look at him. Well believe it or not, Kenn acknowledges this issue. He realizes that in a social setting one must make a certain amount of bare minimum effort to make one's self presentable. Here's where I come in.

I intend to fix Kenn.

This is Kenn today:

With your help I intend to rebuild him from the ground up.... making him presentable at the very least, and possibly, dare I say it, even hot. Kenn has agreed to let me update his look. To this end, I have decided that I will personally devoted $20 of my own hard earned money as well as my entire day on Saturday, April 10th (one month from today) to this makeover. This is where the rest of you come in. Give me money. I'm absolutely serious. Maybe you're a friend of Ratha's. Maybe you're a friend a Kenn's. Maybe both. Maybe you don't even know either of them, but want to see what I can do in one day of makeover magic. Well here's your chance. Results will of course be posted to LiveJournal.

Feel free to give me money in person, I'm setting aside a fund, or use this handy dandy Amazon paybox:

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