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on the CAR-ma tornado...

yay, something finally goes right...

so I've had a slew of car problems lately, and they've all been more or less annoying enough that I haven't wanted to wait the 2-3 weeks it takes to get an appointment at Bruno's. Well, each time I took the Vagabond to S&S Auto, or the Chevy Dealer I'd end up with more stuff wrong. I dunno that they were breaking stuff but it was getting to me. Plus, the dealer quoted me $1680 to fix a blown water pump (plus about $300 more to fix stuff that I knew needed to be fixed for me to pass inspection), and gave me a really complex description of what they thought the problem was that I didn't buy into. Plus, I didn't really have that kind of money, and the warranty company that covers the truck had been dicking me around. So I finally I decided "fuck it" I'll just not drive it until I get a Bruno's appointment.

Fast forward to today, 3 weeks later. Bruno's has checked things out, and the pump is not bad after all (and they claim that that was a lot of money even at dealership rates for the labor of fixing it). Total quote for fixing the intake manifold (which is the actual problem) plus the stuff to pass inspection is quoted at $870. Plus, they took the liberty of calling up and arguing with my warranty company for me. The warranty will cover $640 of that. So I owe $230 and will have my truck back in maybe 2 days.

of course, according to the longstanding predicted effects of the Karma Tornado, I'll get it back, and a piece of the international space station will fall off and land on me Wednesday night, but hey... I was done living anyway...
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