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1KWFFH: on the prosecution of victimless sex crimes by underaged self-offenders

It's been a couple of months since I last wrote a 1KWFFH. And even longer since I last wrote one about age and sex. So I thought it was time I did one again. Besides, this one is different.

Earlier today someone sent me a URL to a news story that was so ridiculous, so sad, so shocking, that I felt I would just have to expound upon it in my own special way. And so, without further ado, I give you 1000 words of free flowing hostility:

So I think my stance on victimless crimes is well documented. To summarize, I am pretty much of the opinion that without a victim there can be no crime. If no one got hurt or damaged or even inconvenienced in the breaking of said law, then why in the bloody blue hell is anyone wasting my tax dollars on prosecuting them. Now I do acknowledge that my politics are far from the standard fare. Maybe what I would spend tax dollars on is not necessarily what the majority of the people of our fine Commonwealth would spend those same funds on. Ok, granted. But I’ve just gotta believe that fixing the Jay-Zdamn pothole in the middle of the street (which street? This is Pittsburgh, fucking all of the streets) that my truck falls into anytime I drive anywhere is a hell of a lot more important than prosecuting some 15 year old girl for deciding to take naked pictures of herself.

Let me get this straight? A girl takes pictures of herself masturbating and she is arrested for child molestation. WHAT THE FUCK?!?! Ok, I don’t know for sure how many times I masturbated before I was of legal age, but I’m gonna just go out on a limb here and estimate that I was “guilty of child abuse” oh… I don’t know, lets say 15,123,345,562,127 times over the course of the first eighteen years of my life, and without getting too into my own personal life, lets just say I’m probably a little guilty of self-rape in the twelve years since.

Ok, yes,I sort of understand the possession of child pornography charge. It’s ludicrous, but at least it’s technically true. And it’s certainly true that she disseminated child pornography. But she did not sexually abuse a child. In the state of Pennsylvania, a 15 year old can legally have sex with anyone over the age of 13 and up to the age of 19. At most, one could claim she was having sex with herself and since she’s in that age range those charges should simply be thrown out, as they don’t make any sense at all.

Now onto the porn charges.

Yes, she is guilty. But should she be? Should a 15 year old have a legal right to be photographed in the nude? I think yes.

I don’t like age-based laws. In fact I hate them. But if they are going to exist, I tend to believe they should be set to the youngest age at which society can reasonably expect the individual to have a logical intellectual understanding of his or her actions. Should an eight year old be allowed to choose to have sex? No. Why? Because an eight-year does not understand what sex is, what sex can do, or what the consequences of sex are. An eight year old cannot be expected to make those decisions. What about a fourteen year old? Actually, I say yes. I would argue that most fourteen year olds understand sex and can make an intelligent decision about it. Are they emotionally prepared to have sex? Maybe they are, and then again maybe not. But I think that has little to do with age. Frankly, I know people twice that age who I feel aren’t emotionally prepared for sex. Hell, I sometimes wonder about myself. But when I make a decision, be it with my heart or with my head, then it’s my responsibility to deal with the consequences. I think the same thing is true for fourteen year olds. Certainly for fifteen year olds. Similarly, I think that they should also be able to drive, smoke, vote, drink and die in wars. But then, remember, I’m CRAZY!!!

Lots of people read my journal, or at least, I’m lead to believe they do. The youngest two of which I am aware are respectively sixteen and seventeen and therefore you might refer to them as jailbait (technically untrue, age of consent laws being what they are, they are both legal in their home states, but you get my point). And without getting all up in their "bidness" (though either of you are welcome to comment and out yourselves if you want to), I think its safe to say that neither of them are angels. But I’ve also talked to both of them enough to know that they are intelligent and mature people fully capable of making their own decisions. They have real beliefs and opinions and desires. They’re almost… *gasp* real fucking people! Well… almost…

Anyway, I’m sick of ridiculous legislation that has no purpose but to exist for its own benefit. There are too many damn laws in the world. Some laws are good. You know what a good law is. The one that says that you can’t come into my house and take my shit. That’s an excellent law. Another good law is the one that says that you can't kill my cat or the one that says you can’t rape my girlfriend. That’s some good shit. I even like the laws that say you can’t take naked pictures of anyone (regardless of their age) without their permission. But the laws that say you can’t be naked during the Superbowl. Or that you can’t take naked pictures of yourself if you’re too young. Or you can’t charge for sex. Or you can’t burn your mind away with drugs. Leave those fucking people alone. I suppose the naked during the Superbowl thing had a negligible affect on me, but really, I’m more or less ok. This girl who snapped nudie pics of herself? That’s her fucking problem. Or her parents. Everyone else should just stay out of it for Jay-Z’s sake.

Actually, fuck it… maybe I’m wrong. From now on… minimum age for sex is 23. And you know what else? All sex acts must involve me. Why? Because I’m ruler, and I say so. Also, suicide is now a felony Punishable by death.

Or just kill me…

comments as always are welcome...

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