Mav (chrismaverick) wrote,

random thoughts on a friday...

  • Only 5 days of employment left on this contract. Come next Friday, I am once again an drain on the resources of the state. Oh Hell Yeah!
  • speaking of hell, Hellboy comes out today. Anyone interested in seeing it tonight or Sunday? I also still need to see Jersey Girl and The Passion of the Jay-Z (though I don't know that I am in the mood to deal with that tonight).
  • speaking of Hellboy, I can't see it this Saturday because of a wrestling show I'll be at most of the day. So if people are looking for me, that's where I am.
  • speaking of Saturdays, georgejas mentioned it being about tennis season again. She's right. Unfortunately, apparently that 3 days last week was all HOVA is going to give us for spring and summer 2004, and so now its all rainy and snowy again. Anyway, should the winter actually decide to end, who's up for tennis on the weekends (or after work during the week) this year? Hopefully everyone who played last year, but I think it'd be cool if we got some new people too. So if you read this and you like playing tennis and are in the Pgh area, let me know.
  • speaking of HOVA, at long last, there is an Apple Store opening in Pittsburgh, thus reaffirming my faith in a benevolent controlling force in this universe... maybe its Allah, or Jesus or Buddha or Vishnu or who knows... i still prefer to believe its Jay-Z, but in any case, said person is finally smiling down upon this city. anukul thinks I should apply to be the resident genius and I am thinking its not the worst idea in the world. Will probably do it just to see what happens. I don't even know what they pay. But hey, discounts, and I wonder if they'll let me stock the genius bar with Guinness
  • speaking of bars, I will of course be at Silky's this evening, wallowing in my own self-pity. Please drop by and commiserate with me over the evils of employment, politics, the economy and women. Or share in a tale of wrestling or comic books. Or come help me work out plans for the kenoubi project. Or hell, just come and get plastered.
  • speaking of kenoubi, the Mavrosexual Eye for the Geek Guy makeover is just over a week away. Its not too late to donate to the cause. So please, if you haven't already, dump a few bucks in the fund (either by just giving it to me, or using the handy amazon honor system below):

Amazon Honor System

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that's all I have for now. I now return you to your regular scheduled LJ rambling, already in progress....

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