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Played singles in the rain against wooble. Really thought I had him after I won the first set 6-2, but then lost the next set 7-5 and the final 2-6. Practiced serves for a bit before he showed up. Getting much better there. Of course it started raining right after we started playing, so the balls were a lot heavier and there was a lot less bounce and that totally changed the way the game is played. Bleah. wooble's standard drop the ball right over the net trick that he uses a lot when we play doubles is a lot less effective in singles because I can force the ball to the back a lot more often. I've been practicing getting the ball just barely over the net, and I think if they weren't so heavy from the water I might have made more of them. As it was, I knocked a unch of them into the net. *Sigh* I also got a little better with my backhand, but that definitely needs work too. Anyway, I like singles. Its a totally different game. But I really need more practice. Would be nice to win a match every now and then.

Telerama hasn't responded about Task #4 yet. Bleah... and I called my insurance company and they didn't call me back either.... clearly no one loves me. Grrr....

Ah well.. time to go find solace in Pro-Wrestling.

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