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And I now present a cultured and sophisticated man about town...

And so it shall be and so it has come to pass...

A month ago I had this idea. I stated that I would take a simple geek and turn him into a stunning metrosexual. Some were excited. Some laughed. Some said it couldn't be done... Over the course of the last several weeks, there was much discussion about the subject and what could and couldn't be accomplished. There was concern that I might try to make Kenn (the geek) into something that he wasn't. There was concern that he would resist or that I wouldn't do enough. Sad though I am to report, there were even a few nay sayers who doubted my brilliance! Pshaw! Pshaw I say! So today, was the magic day. And here are the results.

Oh, and if anyone has actually seen Queer Eye. This is the part where we compliment and bash and generally talk about the results. So please, I look forward to commentary. I'd like to know what people like and don't like. Any further suggestions. Any first impressions... Anything that comes to mind at all. kenoubi and papertygre are probably pretty interested as well.

Oh... final tally for the entire treatment, including purchase of all new clothes, shoes, haircut, razor and much styling product: $177.70

And without further ado:

The Before Portrait

The Before Profile

The After Portrait

The After Profile

After three quarter portrait

And various outfits:

So what do you think?

EDIT: Ratha took some pictures of the makeover in progress. They are here.

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