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on not having done a meme in a while...

Its been a while since I have posted a random meme, so here's one I stole from rackletang:

The Soundtrack Meme:

If they (who's they?) were to make a soundtrack about your life, what music would you use for the following?:

1. Your birth: "Also Sprach Zarathustra" by Richard Strauss, performed by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

2. Driving (cruising music): You almost wanna go with the theme from Peter Gunn, but that's too pedestrian... so I'm gonna go with "Dogg's Turismo III" by Snoop Dogg

3. Falling in love: Depends on the exact falling in love scene -- I'm gonna go with a very safe answer... "Raspberry Berret" by Prince (if its from my point of view -- Dusty Springfield's "Son of a Preacher Man" from the girl's point of view)

4. Your significant other’s betrayal (the screaming in the rain song): Depends on which way the scene goes... is this the scene where I am standing in the rain watching unseen through the window or the scene where I confront her afterwards. If the first "Careless Whisper" by George Michael. If the second "Walking in the Rain" by Orange Juice Jones

5. The Sex scene (you only getta have sex once in this movie): It could hardly be the movie of my life if there is only one sex scene. But fine, I'm gonna go with "Principals of Lust" by Enigma... Hmmm... or if the scene is played out a little differently, then perhaps I'll go with pretty much any non descript generic late 70s funk groove....

6. Beating your rival (da victory song): uhhh.... this is hard... depends on exactly who's ass it is I am busting a cap in. For the sake of argument, I'm gonna go with the the song "Rumble" by Wu-Tang Clan (an exclusive for the Wu-Tang Clan: Shaolin Style video game)! Wu-Tang is for the children!!! For the children! Wu-Tang Forever! Shaolin!!!

7. Being Old: You know, it never occured to me that I'd ever get old... hmmm... Uh... "As Time Goes By" by Herman Hupfeld, performed by Dooley Wilson

8. Your death (sadness): No doubt, I have said for many years that the theme song to my funeral should be "Sometimes it Snows in April" by Prince and the Revolution... I'm actually tempted to do the whole meme over choosing only Prince songs....

9. Your suicide (you morbid, sad fucker): Hmmm... so easy to pick "Suicide is Painless" by Johnny Mandel. But I want to try and be a little more original... Well, since I don't think I'll ever commit suicide, but I am destined to die on a suicide mission, overwhelmed by superior numbers, fighting ninja, I think I'll go with uh.... Stan Bush's "You got the Touch"

Now of course I'll totally change my mind about everything in like 2 min.

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