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on extremely dumbass injuries...

11 years ago, during the spring of my freshman year at college, I taught myself to do a standing front flip for a Greek sing show. It was a hit at said show, and it was kind of cool to do, so after the show I continued to practice it. Eventually I randomly did it at a party while dancing. It was a huge hit on the dance floor and most importantly, it really pissed off ludimagist because he couldn't do it, so I continued to practice it more and more.

Recently I have been using the flip during wrestling practice. When someone has me in a wristlock, I would do a forward flip off the ropes to get out of it, and then usually do a single leg takedown as I landed. Supposedly it looked pretty, and what the hell, it was pretty easy for me. I've been doing that flip for over a decade. I've done it since blowing my ankle out six years ago and not being able to get as much power out of it as I did before. I've done the flip when at clubs or parties where I was so staggeringly drunk that I could barely stand. Not once have I ever had a problem with it ever.

Today I had a problem.

Generally, when i flip I land on my feet in roughly the same stance as I was when I started. When I do the flip while in a wristlock though, its a little harder for me to guide and balance myself to get the height I need to make it all the way over. I had been countering this by holding on to the top ring rope with my free hand as I did the flip. Only that means that in order to do it, I basically need to be by the ropes. Kinda sucks. So I've been practicing doing it without the ropes. This time I landed kind of on my knees instead of my feet so I was lower than I normally want to be when i do said flip. And since my arm was still at its normal height in a wristlock, I ended up pulling my shoulder right out of the socket.


So now, I apparently have a shoulder sprain, and so I have to take a couple days off from training while it heals up. Which totally sucks and really pisses me off. I guess I should be happy its only a couple of days (at least that's the doc estimate, basically... its when my shoulder stops hurting, but she thinks that I look to be in "really good physical shape and so should heal pretty quickly" -- go me with the sexy body) Also I'm pretty annoyed because dislocating your own shoulder is a stupid ass injury that I did to myself by making a dumbass mistake and I didn't even have the foresight to get it on tape.

Oh yeah, and I'm out of beer....

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