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on being a bum... (for real)

so I have 1 month of unemployment left and I can't reapply again until the very end of July... *sigh*

I have applied for maybe 60 or so jobs since Monday. I have had one in person interview and three phone interviews. All with recruiters (no real employers so far) none with stunningly glamorous jobs. (one seemed "ok" the others seemed like jobs that are likely to make me hate myself. Why are there so many of those?)

So who wants to make bets on how many of these will actually pan out. How about a pool on how long before I am once again so bitter at some stupid Dilbert job that I want to kill myself and all around me?

Perhaps a new career is the answer. I have always wanted to be a kept man. Anyone looking for a gigilo? For the right "tip" I even put out... and I've had all my shots and stuff too...


At least tomorrow is happy hour... yay drinking! Who's with me?

EDIT: Who am I kidding?!? I got nowhere to be in the morning... I'm going to start drinking tonight...

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