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tennis and other stuff

played 3 way tennis today with wooble and max1975. Won on out of 5 sets (to geoff and max each winning 2). I'm definitely getting better, but I definitely still sucl. Arm got really tired after 5 sets, and I quit... just like to point out that wooble and I went 5 sets to max1975's 3... that's cuz he's a wussy-loser-boy you see.

Fantasy Football draft started today... So far I have Shaun Alexander.... Wheee!

Went and had Indian cuisine with Anu and lots of people tonight. Very good, but I'm very stuffed.

Oprah Log
Day 28. Telerama wrote and said that there is a backlog for task 5. I'm fifth in the queue. Apparently its something that only one person can do at a time... Wonder what it is.

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