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on retro meme-ography...

its been a long time since I've done the interview meme, but hey, I'm bored and I haven't posted much and the very lovely and talented marsinthestars offered, so here we go again.

1. What makes a Jammy Jam successful, in your eyes? Which of the parties have been most successful?

This is probably going to sound corny, but it's true. The movie Groove has a scene where someone asks the guy who is throwing the rave why he does it, and he says that because after every party, some random guy always comes up to him and says something like "that was a great party, man, thank you, you don't know how much I needed that." and hearing that makes it all worth it. Well, that's pretty much how I feel.

As for the best party, I don't know, I like different ones for different reasons. Frankly, any time I don't end up blacking out (which I haven't done in years... I'm much more responsible than i used to be) its probably a good day. Back in my KDR days, I used to have a couple hundred people on my personal guest list. Add to that the people on the rest of the house's list and those parties could get pretty packed. In the 707 era, I was pretty much pretty happy anytime I managed to hook up with someone really hot during a party. These days, I'm pretty happy so long as every one seems to more or less have fun and there's a good mix of people from different social groups who get to interact with each other. Its also always nice when some random internet person who I've never met drives 12 hours to be at a party. Makes me feel like I have something special. Which brings us to:

2. Meeting someone and getting to know them primarily via internet is a new concept for me; about what percentage of your internet friends did you meet first IRL?

Ummm... lets check: There are currently 159 people on my friends list. Of those, 5 are people who aren't really aware of me at all, and are in fact just people I read because I find them interesting. 18 are people I have never met in real life but do have at least some semblence of an online relationship with. 11 including yourself, I met online before I met in real life and the other 125 I actually met in real life first. Of course this is LJ friends, not internet friends, but since I don't use chat rooms or anything like that, its mostly the same thing for me.

3. How different do you find people to be IRL vs. online? (yes, I ask this wondering if I am different online vs IRL...)

It totally depends on the person. Some people I prefer online. Some I prefer in real life. I guess generally I prefer real people. I like hanging out and doing stuff and you just don't get that on the computer. On the other hand, its nice that I have been able to maintain friendships with people that I might not otherwise be able to do so with (or even have met in the first place) because of distance.

You're not too different. You're actually much taller in real life than the little icon that is you on the computer. You're also even cuter in person than you are in the pictures. Seriously, you actually are. Actually that's not quite true you tend to look cute in your pictures, in a happy little girl next door way, even when you're naked except for latex. In real life, you come across as much hotter or sexier. The difference is subtle. It might have a lot to do with you running around in your underwear the night I actually met you, but I think its a little more than that too. Personality-wise, I think I had a good read on you from online. You're equally delightful in real life.

4. If you could become a "real" professional wrestler for 5 years, with the knowledge that you would never be able to wrestle again after that, but equally would not have to work jobs you hate now, would you take it? Why/why not?

That's an easy one. Yes. I love wrestling. It really is fun. And doing a fun job every day beats the hell out of doing a boring, monotonous one every day. Especially if doing so meant that I was making enough money to support myself for the rest of my life. If I knew that I'd never have to work again after 5 years, I could probably take just about any job, and all the better if it's a job I actually like. As for never being able to wrestle again after 5 years. Well, if I did it every day for that long, its possible I will have had my fill of it by then. If not, well, I'm sure I'd miss it. But I'd be able to walk away. After all, I've already spent like 30 years not wrestling, I'm pretty sure I can do it again if I had to.

5. What is "funkentelechy"? And why does it not exist according to, but exist according to 3 LJ users, one of whom has no obvious links to the other 2?

That's because you are looking at the wrong dictionary. Funkentelechy is literally "the actualization of the funk rather than its potential." ludimagist has it as an interest because he stole it from me. The other guy is presumedly just cool. My own personal understanding of the word and how it relates to my philosophy on art, at least as it stood three years ago, is explained here.

If you'd like an interview just post a comment here saying "interview me"

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