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on taking a wild boyish fling at writing...

So, I've been writing again lately, or at least trying to. I started a new story a week or two ago. A couple people have given me a bit of feedback, but its always nice to have more. I had thought about just posting what I have to lx_arena (which we should really start using more) but then I figured maybe I'd check here to see if any of the non-LXers would be interested, I'm looking for anyone who is interested in reading and giving me an opinion. Its always nice to have opinions from other writers, but that's not necessarilly necessesary.

The story is currently at 9 pages, and I'm going to try to write at least another 3 or so tonight. I'm not quite sure yet whether the final story will actually be a novel or a short story. Ask me in another 10 to 200 pages. (oh, for those who are wondering, this is completely unrelated to the Jack's Place novel that I have been working on for the better part of the last 157 years.)

So, who's interested?

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