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on rasslin', rockin' rhymes, republican rhetoric and recreational drinkin'...

neck is really sore from wrestling practice yesterday. I should really do more neck exercises. I also seem to be developing a bit of a headache. Hope I'm not getting sick. Well, at least its Friday.

Also picked up Get on Da Mic for the PS2 yesterday. It's sort of like Karaoke Revolution except that its all rap songs. And its about a million times harder. As best as I can tell, the game cares less about pitch than KKR does and a lot more about precision of hitting the words. None of that I-don't-know-the-words-so-I'll-just-hum-here bullshit. At least I don't think so. The box says something about free styling, so maybe you just need to hit the inflections right. I'd probably know more if I had bothered to read the instructions instead of just yanking it out of the box and playing immediately, but what fun would that be? On another cool note, it comes with a USB microphone. Not a crappy headset mic, but a nice handheld mic to spit your rhymes into. That's right, I said spit rhymes. I got da mad skillz, yo!

After a 2 week absence for wrestling open house and wooble's bachelor party and wedding preparations, I will be returning to happy hour at Silky's tonight, if anyone wants to meet me there. Also if people are interested in tonight's presidential debate, they are welcomed to watch it with us on the big screen in arlingtonhouse theatre. I was thinking of maybe buying some beer and printing out some presidential debate bingo cards and after I also have Fahrenheit 9/11 on DVD if people want to watch that after. Or you know, we could just watch porn or something.

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