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on the jams...

as you might have noticed, there was no Halloween Jam this past weekend. I was out of town at the wedding reception of ere_i_am_jh and kochansky (which was quite lovely by the way). Anyway, to make up for this, and to avoid having to go like 10 months until Aloha Jam without throwing a party, I have been floating the idea with beststephi and sui66iy of having a New Year's Party. So here's a general call for interest. If we were to throw one, who would be interested in attending? Unlike most of the Maverick Jams, there would likely not be a costume requirement or contest, unless I can think of one between now and the end of the year (if you would like there to be one and you have an idea, leave me a comment and let me know). Of course barring costumes and the like, everyone, especially the ladies, is still encouraged to be as sexy possible at all times in my presence.

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