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on hot lesbian action... (and hot boy on boy action, too, for that matter...)

Once upon a time, I posted a little survey about porn to find out what various people who read this journal thought. The thing that I discovered most was that either women are much more into porn and erotica than men, or perhaps just more willing to talk about it. Anyway, its a year later and I was having a similar conversation with someone this weekend. This person, who has asked to be kept anonymous, but may or may not be my girlfriend, and I were postulating the differences between men and women and how they view erotica, and what they look for when they are watching porn. Specifically do women enjoy watching boy-on-boy action as much as men enjoy watching girl-on-girl?

Similarly, I was listening to Howard Stern on the drive in to work this morning. He was discussing the Thanksgiving episode of Survivor. On said show there are currently two lesbians competing, one an older woman (maybe 60-something) and the other a former playboy model (maybe 30). This weeks episode had the "loved-ones visit" where the show brought out one loved one for each of the remaining Survivors. Both of the lesbians had their girlfriends brought out. Now when beststephi and I watched it, I noticed immediately that the footage was editted to remove the obvious ""hello, I've missed you so much" kisses between both lesbian couples. We were led to believe that instead after having not seeing their long-time lovers for a solid month, and living in the jungle eating bugs, the best these people wanted was an awkward platonic hug. Except it was quite obvious to me (and apparently to Howard) that in both cases, a kiss had occured. CBS editted out in fear of the FCC. I noted, as did Howard, that CBS didn't bother to remove the kiss by the one heterosexual couple on the show.

So here's the thing. Gay and Lesbian porn. My inclination is that men like watching lesbians go at it more than women like watching men. But its just a guess. And so, a survey. Feel free to skip some questions if you like. Also, if you must, you may answer anonymously, but I kind of wanted to be able to ask followup questions:

1) Are you male or female?

2) Are you straight, gay or bi?

3) Do you like watching heterosexual porn? Does it turn you on? Does it offend you? How about just kissing?

4) Do you like watching girl-on-girl porn? Does it turn you on? Does it offend you? How about just kissing?

5) Do you like watching boy-on-boy porn? Does it turn you on? Does it offend you? How about just kissing?

6) Any other insight about the subject that you have is welcome. Or if you didn't answer the questions from last time, I'm probably still curious.

And of course feel free to invite people I don't know to come answer these highly important sociological question. HOVA, I need to get into grad school so that I can write papers on this shit.

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