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yum chinese food

that would be the high point of my day, right there. Not that anything else is bad... just nothing much going on.

Went to dinner with Anu, beststephi, danitapgh and their parents (steph and dana's, not anu's) for beststephi's birthday. Granted her birthday was over a week ago, but we went yesterday. It was cute, steph heard the singing and clapping waiters coming and she was really excited because she thought someone was going to be embarrassed for their birthday, then when they got close to our table she realized they were coming for her and was very embarrassed.

Fantasy Draft continues, I have acquired Derrick Mason and Shannon Sharpe.

yannaboo is on her way here to park her uhaul in my back yard over night... hmmm... I should move my truck.

Installed Jaguar yesterday. Mac is much faster now. Been using iChat instead off Fire. I'm torn. I am however addicted to Sherlock... now if only it would let me fandango tickets (it lets me moviefone tickets, but the places I go have fandango).

I'm bored... anyone want to order the wrestling Pay-Per-View tonight?

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