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on being the creepy old man...

Little Girl at Niagra Falls
Originally uploaded by chrismaverick.
so I have been posting more photos to my photo blog at Flickr. That I mentioned earlier.

Thus far, I have pretty much been going through my iPhoto Library to get old pictures that I liked and move them into my Flickr photo sets. Hopefully this will soon inspire me to get out and take more pics. Maybe even take more of the photoshoots that I promised to start doing again way back when.

Anyway, when looking through my old photos, I came across this picture of this little girl from when beststephi and I went to Niagra Falls this summer. I remember when I took it, and I thought it was really great. In fact I still really like it for some reason (like anything creative I do, I am curious as hell to other people's opinions), but when i took it, I felt undeniably creepy. I don't know. There's just something that feels weird about taking a picture of a kid in public. Especially one that you don't know. I mean, it was totally innocent. You can't even see her face. Its not at all "naughty" or anything. And as far as anyone knew, I was taking pictures of the falls (which i did take a lot of). But somehow it just felt... well creepy. Even now, I think "people are going to look at that and think I have some sick fetish for seven year olds." And I wasn't even wearing my I fucked the Olsen Twins T-shirt. But that's just the thing. The Olsen Twins shirt is clearly a joke. And they're celebrities, so they're famous. And somehow that makes it ok. I've taken pictures of random grown-ups i didn't know, and that felt ok. But little girls... and I feel like a creepy old man.

Its funny, because I also took some pictures of Steph's niece and nephew when we went to the beach a couple months back, and even though i knew those kids. And in fact the kids were there with me. It still felt weird. Maybe because I'm black and the kids are white and onlookers might not realize I'm their "uncle" and its supposed to be ok. I dunno. But I felt weird. Weirder than I would have felt taking a picture of the random hot babe in a bikini who might walk by (no link, as I didn't get any of those *sigh*), and certainly weirder than I feel taking pictures of the kids in a non-public setting. Somethings just not right about taking pictures of little kids anymore.

Why is that?

Damn pedophiles ruining it for everyone. I wanted to say that I needed to go out and fuck Mary-Kate just to feel better about myself, but eh... she's getting too old now.

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