July 10th, 2002


I wonder if I am coming down with something...

My nose is stuffed up and has been since this afternoon. That sucks.

So it turns out, I lied to jameel and I actually have over 10 hours of Disco mp3s. I wonder if that counts as having a problem.

As can probably be garnered from my earlier post, I did manage to finish the proposal I had to work on in time... yay...go me!

I want a new car....

having a stuffy nose sucks.
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my toe hurts

Just got back from playing tennis again. I think I may actually be starting to get better. Wimbledon here I come. Unfortunately, I think I stubbed my toe. Ah well.

Answered a whole lot of posts on skibo. It's just like having graffiti back... I'm nineteen again... 'cept I'm not drunk... maybe I should work on that.

I find it astounding that someone else listed "that thing over there" as an interest. I find it even more astounding that a whole bunch of people listed juniper breeze. On the other hand, i find it quite refreshing that I am the only person who listed "two-fisted justice". Gives me a certain delusion of sense of superiority.

One of the Jammy Jam prizes got delivered today. And I expect that another will come tomorrow. That means there will only be four more to go. The only problem is I still haven't thought of what the other four should be. Only 24 days left. Bleah. At least I have my outfit already.
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