July 23rd, 2002


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Once again its about 195 degrees in my house... sigh...

cold is getting better... this is a good thing...

I think I may stop the chiropractor appointments soon... my neck is still a little sore, but the appointments aren't really making so much of a difference anymore. its more of a nuisance than anything else.

Have decided to start customizing the truck. Well, first things first, I need to get a wire harness so I can install my stereo. Then I have a few other ideas. Have to remember to order my personalize plates. Have to remember to do the final title transfer for that matter. But I did pick up a copy of Sport Truck magazine, and I do have a few ideas. Now where am I gonna find bikini clad babes to stand around in front of my truck whenever I park somewhere.

On a bad note, the handle on myh tailgate broke off. sigh... something else to fix.

Been trying to get all my credit cards in order and consolidated. Hoping that will help with getting a house loan. Though my dad did offer to help out there. I guess that's good. Need to get beststephi's dad to come and look at the house and give me an estimate on how much it would cost to make the needed (and wanted) repairs.

I need to be at work for a user test at 10:30. I'm mostly feeling better, but still a little sick. Can't decide whether or not I want to double (or triple) Q myself, or whether I'm afraid that will zonk me out for too long since its already 2.

beststephi has been sick the last couple of days with what I have, and she's doing worse than me, so I think I am gonna make her some tea.
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Ok.... I clearly have a problem....

I'm sitting here reading a trucking magazine trying to justify to myself how I need to replace my steering wheel with with one of these: (warning, links open new windows)



I had joked about this earlier, but seriously, if I try to pain a confederate flag on my roof or hood, someone please have the decency to just shoot me.

That said... where do I buy personalized mud flaps?
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What kind of sadistic bastard...

designs an automobile using both british and metric nuts and bolts. I took the truck's dashboard apart so that I could remove the stock cassette deck and put my Blaupunkt in. I managed to get most of it done, and then nearly drive myself crazy trying to figure out how to remove the last two bolts. None of my sockets seemed to fit. Then it hit me. It's metric. The rest of the bolts aren't because it is an American vehicle and we don't care about the standards the rest of the world uses... except for the last two bolts that is. Those two are metric.


Anyway, at least now I have the other stereo in. I can play CDs again, and more importantly, I can connect my iPod. Yay! The world is good.

I also got a new steering wheel cover. I think I'll hold off on the $700 custom steering wheel.

Things to do still:

  • Take the title transfer forms in.
  • Order vanity plates
  • Get the Tailgate handle fixed
  • Put in custom sunscreen
  • Possibly get matching seat covers to the steering wheel cover
  • Decide on other custom emblems and decals
  • Find bikini models to stand around in front of truck
  • Get custom license plate lights
  • Get custom license plate frames
  • Get monster truck tires
  • Get CB
  • Get custom mudflaps
  • Get running boards to aid in getting in and out of truck once monster truck tires are on.
  • Get custom pedals
  • Install turbo boost

Note that I still have not painted a confederate flag on the roof... I can live.
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