July 25th, 2002

Down and Out

My Life as a Bum - Day 1

  • Slept in... a lot... had weird dreams of motorcycles and weird motorcycle helmets (i had some shots last night)
  • Woke up with a hangover (like I said I had some shots)
  • Slowly worked my way through a new resume (did I mention I had some shots?)
  • Received phone call from a very annoying, very pushy, and very unprofessional credit card collection person. Didn't take kindly to being harassed today of all days, so i took out my frustrations on him. Asked for his name, he'd only give me his first name. Asked to speak to his supervisor. Someone else answered the phone and then either got cut off or hung up on me. Feeling like burning some aggression, I called the company back and spoke to another supervisor. Complained a whole lot til they looked up the reference number of the most recent call and promised me that they would investigate the caller for disciplinary action. I like to think I got someone fired today. Makes me feel a bit better.
  • Contemplated my role as a force of evil
  • my hangover got a little better
  • Went to MAYA
  • Smoked a last cigarette with some people from other offices in the building. Angie gave me a lead on another job with her company.
  • Walked in the door, and Robbin begged me to fix one last thing because no one else knew how. Sigh, they couldn't even last 24 hours without needing me. That's just sad.
  • Fixed the script that needed to be fixed. Told Robbin they should have thought about this sort of thing before they laid me off.
  • Cleaned out my desk, archived some stuff, forwarded project materials to people who still have jobs (You know, you couldn't ask for a better fired employee than me)
  • Made backups of personal files on my computer
  • Talked with a few people who still have jobs
  • Gave Jer (and his stuff) a ride home (he also no longer has a job)
  • Met up with a bunch of people at Regina Mergherita for authentic Italian pizza made by an authentic pizza ninja. Anu treated... thanx Anu.
  • drove home
  • made plans to do a photo shoot with Justina
  • tweaked resume a bit more. Sent it to the job that anisodragnfly told me to apply for
  • attempted to file for unemployment. Website broken. Will call on the phone tomorrow
  • wrote live journal entry
  • did some shots (ok, this actually hasn't happened yet, but I think its a safe assumption)
  • Current Music
    Know Your Current Events by Paul Schaffer and the CBS Orchestra