July 28th, 2002

South Park

Easy going night.

Put my custom windshield sunscreen on the truck. I bought it before the lay-off, so it will probably be the last mod for a while. It's really subtle, but I definitely think it kind of adds something to the look of the truck. Mayeb I'll take a picture someday.

Saw Austin Powers in Goldmember. It's so not worth it. I really hope they stop now. I'll admit it. There were some points when I laughed, in particular the Doctor Evil/Mini-Me musical number... but really.. it was so bad. As a basic concept, I really liked the whole Austin Powers thing. But really its time to stop now.

Went to dinner with beststephi's family. Nice time. I have determined that the pork chop dinner at Eat'n'park is really good.

Other than that, I hung out with beststephi, anisodragnfly and Max. Played some games (Cranium is far easier than I remember it being), did some drinking and played in the woods behind my house. Its really all about the simple pleasures. Need to make sure I don't lose sight of that.

My ankle has been a little sore from sparring yesterday.... getting old sucks.
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still stuck for prizes

Ok.... so the Jammy Jam invites are out... and I have some prizes, but not enough for the jammy contest. Hmmm... I need to come up with more cool prizes that are also affordable given my new bum status... ideas?

Going to Eat'N'Park with Max... maybe a brigade from some sumber party will wander in and give me an idea.
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