August 4th, 2002

South Park

but I'm feeling much better now...

So I think we can call last night's Jammy Jam an unqualified success. According to my ballot count there were 26 guests, which is a smaller turn out than Jammy Jam 2001, but decent sized nonetheless. Also, the ratio of pajama wearing to non-pajama wearing guests seems to have gone up. I'm pretty happy about that.

Got several gifts, mostly books and alcohol, which is pretty cool, but also the Spy Hunter video game and a branding iron. Ok, sure I don't NEED a branding iron, but damn its cool.

The party itself was rather nice. At Logan's suggestion, we removed one of the couches from my living room and put a bed there. That kind of increased the slumber party feel. And the rope lights I ran around it gave it kind of a stripper stage look that increased the slutty appeal. I was pretty happy with that.

I took lots of pictures, as did wooble. I'll get them all together for a web page sooner or later. Ah yes, I also won the boys pj competition with my somewhat erotified homage to Risky Business. Second place went to jameel (who foolishly believes that he will win next year, when in fact I will crush him like the bug he is HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!) and Joel took home third. In the Girls competition, it was beststephi for third, Claire in second and anisodragnfly in first (successfully defending her title from 2001).

As I had suspected, it happens that winning Jammy Jam is all about presentation and showmanship. So I went all out. Problem is, I have no idea how I am going to top it next year.

Did some cleaning, put the couch back in the living room and paid some bills. max1975 and I went to breakfast at E+P a little while ago, and that helped the hangover start to fade... Maybe I'll be in good enough shape to go to nowishere's party a little later.
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