August 18th, 2002


Rafting and Sysadminning

Well, I thought the rafting trip yesterday was successful anyway. Collapse )

Today I spent working on another Telerama sysadmin task. I think my biggest problem with this is that I never had to be inventive before. I never had to deal much with workarounds because I was always the sysadmin, so if I needed to install something and some prereq was broken, I'd always just be able to fix the prereq. I've never "not been root." But I got the job done in a rather inventive sort of way, actually... Its Sunday, so I don't expect they'll answer my mail. I wonder how many more of these there are.

Nothing really left to do today. Just taking it easy. Its raining so no tennis or basketball (and I'm sore anyway), and I need to get the truck inspected but couldn't get an appointment til Wed. Bleah. I know... I haven't eaten yet today (yeah... I know its 3 -- I forget sometimes... so sue me), maybe I'll go cook something.
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