November 5th, 2002


Throwing in my hat

I just got back from voting.

Its bad enough that the democratic candidate for governor is ahead in the polls by like 5 million points, but what's really disgusting is that the democratic candidates for the only two other positions I was allowed to vote for are running completely unopposed. Its not that I have anything against the democrats in general or Ed Rendell in particular, but at least Rendell has opponents, (3 of them in fact) even in if they don't stand a snow balls chance in hell.

I hate a pointless election.

Anyone else might just bitterly leave it at that. But not me. Not Mav! Hellnosiree! Wrong emcee! Fuck that noise! I AM A MAN OF ACTION!

I made a quick decision in the voting booth and decided to write my own name in for the other two offices.

So now, with just barely an hour left before polls close, I, Chris Holly, officially announce my candidacy for both congress and the 23rd district representative seat in the general assembly. And I need your support... So go out there and vote for me, if you haven't already.

Vote early... ummm... late... vote often!
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