February 20th, 2003


on the status quo

One solid week of working out and I am not yet a genetic freak. Hmm, something is clearly wrong. Ok, its not a full week yet, but tonight is a cardio day, and Friday is my day of beer and rest, so maybe I'll magically pump up Friday night in time for Saturday's morning weight routine.

Oprah Log
Still haven't heard anything from the Caroline Rhea people. Perhaps I should drop them a line. I know you're supposed to "stay in touch" and stuff, but I don't really know what to ask other than "why am I not booked yet?" Ah well, off for another godawfulexciting day of filming Wayne's World. Party on Garth! *sigh*
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Down and Out

Oprah Log: Supplemental

The Caroline Rhea people have apparently filled the timeslot I was looking for last week. Meanwhile, Wayne's World becomes stupider and stupider everyday. Someone just fucking kill me already.
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