April 20th, 2003


Mav's party planning commitee...

In the mighty tradition of living by committee I am posting my latest decision for livejournaldom assembled for comment and ideas. So beststephi and sui66iy are planning a party in the next month or so as I have mentioned before. I was stricken with something of an epiphany today, and I am wondering what others might think of it.

What if we were to have a luau. Would people be into that idea? What would people expect of such an event? Since its going to be the end of May it should likely be warm enough. I should like to have a beach, but I'm not quite sure how I might accomplish that in our backyard. (the brain-trust is at work, but suggestions on this are welcome) anukul suggests that I roast a pig (because "it really isn't a luau without one"). There would of course be leis, and as its a Maverick Jam, there exists the strong possibility that there might be prizes of some kind. Does anyone else have any good ideas or suggestions? Prizes? Decorations? Cheap places to buy tiki torches, leis and grass skirts? Donations of hot tubs?
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on having sort of written a little bit of fiction kinda

and so I wrote something for sui66iy's political satire challenge in lx_arena. I'm not sure it quite qualifies as "political satire" or even a story really (its only 350 words long), but the point is that i wrote something, so maybe this is the start of a long tradition of new creativity on my part. Ummm... or something...

anyway, go there... read it... tell me what you think.
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