May 30th, 2003


so i was bored...

I was bored last night, and everyone else was doing it, so I decided to do the silly lj match thingamajig. Collapse )

by the way, this here be my 300th LJ entry. Ummm, go me or something.

Bleah, I foolishly did not plan anything to do with my bumness today. What are other people doing? Anyone planning on going to Silky's tonight?
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exciting things in the mail...

Well, yesterday I got a free Mach3 Turbo razor, but today I got my passport... woohoo... who wants to leave the country?

I am a little annoyed that they asked me for other aliases on the form but then didn't print it on the passport... ah well...
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and the gods looked upon the little unemployed man and they saw that he was happy and carefree and they said "we can't have that" so they took it upon themselves to smite the power adapter to his ibook.


May be taking a trip out to Mac Outfitters tomorrow.
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