June 12th, 2003


plans for today

Well, there are only two things I have planned for today (other than my minor daily goals of things like getting out of bed -- which, I have not yet done, btw).

First, make max1975 my bitch. I'm worried about this one. No, not because Max might beat me... don't be foolish. I'm worried because it is currently raining a bunch and I fear that we won't be able to play. That is so totally not fair, as I was really looking forward to his complete and total decimation today.

Second, I am going to work on doing some writing. There are several things I want to accomplish here. First of all, I obviously want to work on the comic I have been working on. Thank you to everyone who voted in my poll and if you haven't yet, I still need your help, so go there and vote now. (plug! plug! plug!) Won't take but a second. Don't care if you don't read comics. Really want gut opinions yadda yadda yadda. Anyway, I want to work on that idea a bit.

Also, I think I want to whip something up for thwomp's lx_arena challenge. In order to work well, lx_arena needs as many people as it can get, so if you're interested in writing on any level (hobby, casual, professional, whatever) go check it out.

Also, there's another comic book idea that I want to work on as a personal challenge from my friend, Wayne -- to write a modern adult oriented treatment of Millie the Model -- that I may try to work on a bit too...

Hmm... as an additional goal, I should maybe perhaps think about trying apply for a job or two. *Sigh*

I'm hungry, maybe I should also add eating to that list.
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Football Jersey

who's the bitch now...

Oh, the skies were filled with rain
would Max show to meet his pain
Mav doubted Max would meet his fate
but it turned out he was just late
the sky was dark, the air was wet
yet on the court opponents met
2 matches played no less no more
the scores 6-1, 6-4 and 6-4, 6-4
and somewhere in Mudville a child cries
forced to watch another season of She Spies
there's no joy in Mudville for poor or rich
because mighty Maverick is Max's bitch...

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