July 5th, 2003


on colloquies and computer chips

Thankyou to drspooky, theadana, katieboyd and others for a wonderful party last night. Much fun was had and cool people were met, and it makes me look very forward to throwing the next Jammy Jam when I hope all will be there. Also looking forward to georgejas and dgr's party later today.

Got my replacement RAM chip for my computer in the mail today, but because the gods of computing don't like me, it appears not to work correctly either. Its a 512M chip, but my computer won't recognize it as such. It thinks its just a 256. It's currently in sui66iy's computer, where it appears to be behaving quite finely in its 512ness. If it continues to behave fine, I guess I will sell it to him, and try again at some point. If it doesn't then its another return in my furture... *sigh*
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