July 18th, 2003


on pain, photos, presentations, pajama parties, pubs, and picture shows...

ow... not a huge ow... but ow... seriously...

I'm actually not all that sore. I can tell that I was working new body parts though. A little pain in the lower back and definitely in the neck. I really have to work on that head tuck and landing cleaner. Still, it was so worth it. Can't wait til next weeks training session.

I have a couple of new photoshoots up that I'd love comments on, including the one of theadana from the other day. For those who haven't seen me do this before, its simple, I just need people to go through, look at the pictures and tell me which ones you like:

Then, eventually, I'll make photosketches...

Bleah... need to put together a presentation for the Larry King people on Monday.

For anyone who doesn't know, Jammy Jam is scheduled for the 16th of August.

That's about it, I'll be braving the hail storm outside to go to Silky's in a bit. So if anyone needs me, that's where I'll be. And then off to Bad Boys II probably.
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