July 24th, 2003


on getting ready to rumble...

Spent the day doing laundry, dishes and working on some of the fundamentals from wrestling class last week. Notably kippups. A basic kippup is when you're laying on your back and you roll to your shoulders and spring into the air and back to your feet. Several characters in the video game Tekken do this. One of the two kippups that the class learned before I joined I had joined (the basic kippup) I had learned in the course of martial arts training years and years ago. Unfortunately, back then I was a lot lighter, less muscular in my upper body, and more flexible. My body works differently now. So on the days since the last class, I have spent my spare time practicing the basic kippup. As of today, I think I have it down pretty well again. Today, I started working on the rolling kippup (sommersalt from a stand and then when your shoulders touch the ground bouncing to your feet). Was never able to do that before (had never even tried before last week) but as of about 20 minutes ago, I can now get that. Not consistently, and it ain't pretty yet. But I think its a pretty nice accomplishment. Looking forward to class tonight. I'm supposed to go early because apparently they want to take pictures of my class for the website. I feel like I'm on my way now. Hmmm, should I have some brand new scary wrestling name or is Chris Maverick sufficiently wrestling sounding enough?
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my life as a wrestler week 2

well, we didn't get to take pictures for the website this week. Should be doing it next week. I did however do better protecting my neck on the bumps this week though. I feel much better than after last week. Could still do better, I think people think I am hitting my head a lot harder than I really am. And really, its not like I keep anything all that important up there.

Learned to take an give an armdrag today. (most of the class had already learned to take one, but they didn't want me doing one my first week, so I had to learn both this week). Not so bad, since I already know how to do an armdrag. The trick is I need to learn to take it easier. My form is still a little martial artish, and I'm likely to yank somones arm off rather than throw them. Will have to work on that. As cool as Tenacious Z is, I expect other wrestler will frown upon me amputating them in the ring. Other than that, things went ok. Still a lot to learn, but I think I am coming along well.

New moves I learned today: Kippup, Rolling Kippup(both technically last week, but I sucked at them then... didn't learn them til today, arm drag. 7 down, 994 to go.

My knee does hurt though. The tragedy of being old... ah well... pain is how you know you're alive.
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