July 28th, 2003


indy film or instructional video...

beststephi and I watched the movie Roger Dodger last night. I had bought it in the half-priced used DVD bin at Blockbuster. I actually didn't know anything about the film, but I saw the cast included Campbell Scott, Jesse Eisenberg, Isabella Rossellini, Elizabeth Berkley and Jennifer Beals. (Note: for fans of Firefly, there is also a cameo appearance by Morena Baccarin) . Its a good movie. Very quirky. Simple premise, Roger, a slightly jerky, but cleverly amusing ad exec (Scott) teaches Nick, his naive and virginal nephew (Eisenberg) how to get laid in New York City. Hijinks ensue. The majority of the film revolves around the principal characters sitting around drinking and talking. Its a definite character development piece with lots of quirky dialog and good acting. The story creates a nice little dichotmy between the cynical but worldly Roger and the the more honest and optimistic Nick. Humour is prevalent in Roger's attempts to teach Nick how to peak down women's blouses, or line them up in front of the sun so he can see through their clothes as well as explaining the intricacies of formulating pick-up lines and "closing the deal." Its a nice little story and an amusing little film. Recommended.

Aside, also of note is the fact that the film casts Jennifer Beals as Elizabeth Berkley's best friend. Damn she's still fine. I could so tap dat ass...
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on tapping that ass, no matter how old it is...

In the interest of being less gay than I have been in recent posts, I bring you my latest in a never ending stream of political incorrectness.

So, as I mentioned earlier, I was watching Roger Dodger last night, and it got me thinking about the ages of random actresses that I thought were hot. This kinda baked in my head over night and through out the day today and when it was done, I realized that I had the impetus to write Collapse )
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