July 29th, 2003


random notes

spent most of the day helping wooble and Tracey move, so I don't have much interesting to say. I will say that their new house is pretty kickass. But its kinda weird having Geoff live in a house with a bathroom that's not big enough to play football in.

Just sent mail to people about rafting again... if you want to go (either this weekend or next weekend) PLEASE answer ASAP. If you didn't get mail from me 5 min. ago and you want to go, let me know ASAP as well.

Oprah Log: Still no update from the Larry King people... bleah, maybe I should try going into radio or something...
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one of the signs of the apocalypse...

well I'll be damned!?!? Channel 11 news just had a story on about a car/bike accident (14 year old boy vs. moving Ford Explorer). They had an interview with the the man who heard the crash, called 911 and tended to the boy who was hit. Now here's the kicker. The man was black... and intelligent! The news actually interviewed a well spoken intelligent black man about a random happening on the street. He didn't have a a jeri curl. He didn't say "let me ax you dis!" He didn't give a shout out to his cousin June Bug. All he did was intelligently and understandably explain the situation.

Suddenly, in this moment, I am proud to be a negro...

Now you know later on in the broadcast some ignant ass nigra is gonna come on to do an editorial about the war and say we should "send da Crips over to find Sadhim Hussein and bus'a cap in hs Al Kidy ass! Fushizzle!"
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