July 31st, 2003

Down and Out

on my continuing bumitude and the approach of Last Day....

Oprah Log: So I got a GFY from the Larry King people today. That kinda surprises me because I thought the interviews had gone really really well. All the letter says is that they found a more compatiable candidate... *shrug* So back to the drawing board I guess. Honestly, I'm not as bummed as I could be... they weren't exactly my first choice of jobs, but it probably would have been ok.

Anyway, I also got my approval letter for my new FUNemployment compensation package. Six months at state maximum, baby! Happy Birthday to me.

Speaking of birthdays, tomorrow, my palm goes from steady red to year worth of scary blinking as i turn 29 and Last Day approaches. As it is a Friday, I will as is customary be hanging out at Silky's. I'd love it if whoever isn't busy comes to celebrate with me... presents encouraged but optional. (The official birthday celebration will of course still be Jammy Jam on the 16th)
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Football Jersey

my life as a wrestler, week 3

good practice this week. Getting a lot more comfortable with some of the bumps. Learned that I've been holding my legs wrong on them. I think I should be able to correct that now. My neck and shoulder are very sore, but I think that has more to do with the fact that I slept on them wrong last night (granted, being tossed around the ring for 2 hours certainly didn't help that).

Learned the hammerlock and the hammerlock reversal today. Hammerlock is fine, I need to work on the reversal. More of my tendency to be too stiff especially bad when someone is doing the hammerlock on me. Getting better at other stuff though, so its all a learning process... wheee....

New moves learned today: Leglock reversal into wrist lock (I think I'm pretty good at this), hammerlock, hammerlock reversal. 10 down, 991 to go.

Also took pictures for the website. Should get my training diary in a week or so. Decided to just go with Chris Maverick for the name for now... debated marking my hometown as Pittsburgh, but then decided to go with Cleveland... woohoo, I'll be a hated bad guy on that alone...

Hmmm... only an hour and 15 before the old palm starts blinking... I think I'll have a martini...
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