August 5th, 2003

Down and Out

on productivity, pajamas, prizes, professions and powerslams...

Been fairly productive the last couple of days. Bought most of the prizes for Jammy Jam (and the are highly worth winning this time, so I hope everyone is getting their outfits ready). Still need to pick up a couple other prizes and put the finishing touches on my outfit(s). Also picked up a new board game based on truth or dare for more intimate/debaucherous parties than Jammy Jam. Obviously, I haven't played it yet, but it seems to exist somewhere in the middle ground between Pass Out and StripMac.

Spent today mailing in resumes for a couple dozen jobs. Bleah... booooring!!! I suppose I should hit CMU HR and put a bunch of resumes in again... Job hunting really sucks... I miss the old days (you know, 1998) when people used to just call and offer big job opportunities just because it was Tuesday.

Looking forward to wrestling practice on Thursday. I'm going to borrow wooble digital camcorder and tape it so I can try to learn by watching myself. Ok, I don't actually know how to do a powerslam yet, but you know me and the alliteration.
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South Park

new rule...

If you're in Target and you happen to be wearing a bright red shirt and khaki pants, you aren't allowed to be offended if someone asks you if you work there.

Just sayin' is all...