August 8th, 2003

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my life as a wrestler, week 4


really, ow...

Good practice today. I would say I'm still improving. My biggest problem is still resistance, I think. I'm too stiff, and I'm not as good as I need to be at letting people control my body. Most problematic is the hammerlock. But I'm getting better.

Only learned one move today, really. But it was the armbar! woohoo! I've always been a big fan of the armbar. No really. I need to work on my form for it though. I'm pretty awkward with it.

Back bump (previously one of my trouble spots) is getting much better. Still not perfect, of course it can always use work. Need to get contact timing down better. My new goal in life is to be able to launch myself into a back bump for greater distance (and speed) than the trainer. Also need to work on my armbar, hammer lock, and just generally remaining looser when anyone is using any of the arm locks on me.

Did a lot of wrestling in class today. Video taped it for my own study and watched it when I got home. Honestly for only knowing 11 moves, the class doesn't look all that bad. And I'm better than I thought I was. I don't look nearly as awkward as I feel. Still, obviously, I can still use a lot of work.

Moves learned today: Armbar (wheee!!) 11 down 990 to go.

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odd trend in underwear...

so looking through the Victoria's Secret and International Male catalogs, I noticed an odd new trend. As time has gone on, more and more men's underwear lacks the little fly pouch on the front and more and more women's underwear has it. Ok, so let's admit it... how many guys have actually used that little slit for anything ever... none... ok, yeah i thought so... so really, it makes sense to get rid of it, I guess... but why in the bloody blue hell do women's underwear need it? What is possibly going to be accomplished with it?

I guess this is just one of those things that make you go hmmm....
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