August 10th, 2003


give me feedback, please...

so, there are at least 98 people who profess to be reading my random garbage here, so I have a few questions for you (and anyone else who happens to be reading this, LJ friend or not), and I hope you all take the time to answer.

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Quick Survey

1) Do you actually read my journal at all?

2) Do you read everything I post (god, I can't imagine)? Do you skim?

3) Do you generally find me interesting? Or just another randome LJer spewing random drivel?

4) Do you like my "1000 Words of Free Flowing Hostility" essays? Should I do more? Does the format do anything for you? Do you have any suggestions for topics or changes?

5) Do you like reading my other random postings? Anything stick in mind as a favorite? Anything you particularly hated?

6) Why do you read livejournal in general? Do you read other (non-LJ) blogs? What about web columnists?

Special Bonus Question: Do you actually bother to read things in LJ-cuts like my Background info above?

I really do hope a lot of people chime in on this... Thanx in advance
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